About Me

Hi There! I am Priyam.

Who am I? I am a nobody with a dream to become a somebody. Thats not to say that I want to become famous. But, I want to be known as someone important, even if it’s in a very small circle. It’s tough to describe myself. You can get to know me more and more as you read my posts.

If I were to describe myself in a couple of words, they would probably be loyal, private, talkative, dreamer, shoe fanatic, frivolous and opinionated! Yes, some nice and some not so nice! I’m a perfect blend I’d say!

CST 2It’s tough for me to say where home is. I was born in the US but raised in India. So when I’m asked where I’m from, I say I’m from India. While in India, I spent my early years in Calcutta and then moved to Bombay where I got my education. I called Bombay home for almost 20 years so in a way thats “home”. Among those 20 years, there is a 2 year stay in Pune for my first job. But that wasn’t home. Since 2014, I have been back in the US. First I stayed in Indiana where I went to my B-school. And now, I am settled in Michigan where I’m working. I now call Royal Oak, Michigan my home.

1I am a puppy parent to two absolutely adorable and crazy annoying pups, Whisky and Luca. My Whisky is a golden retriever and my Luca is a Bernedoodle. They pretty much rule the home. Everything I do in life, is foremost to keep them happy! Who knows what life in America would be like without these two wagging tails!

I studied IT engineering and followed that with an MBA in Strategy and MIS. My first job out of grad school is at Ford Motor Company. I have always admired the Ford family because of their history and I hold them in the same regard as I hold the Tata family back in India.3

Personally, I love tennis and basketball among sports, I love drawing, reading and writing as hobbies, I love watching movies and someday hope to travel all over the world. Rome is my dream vacation spot. Spain is a close second. But the one place that I would go again and again is London.

2For all those who know what a “bong” is, I would say that I’m a semi bong! For those who don’t, a bong is a person who belongs to a specific part of India, namely West Bengal. They have very specific characteristics which is why they are collectively called “bongs”. The only pure bong behaviour that I do exhibit is the love for our main festival, the Durga Puja! In India, there are thousands of festivals and among all the festivals, my most favourite is something that’s not native to India, Christmas! Durga Puja comes in at a close second!

4On a completely different note, I am a complete Disney nut! There are very few Disney movies from the original movies that I haven’t seen. Starting from Cinderella to Mary Poppins, I am a complete Disney “freak” as they say. I am a true believer of fairy tales and the whole prince coming to sweep me away. Even with personal tragedies, I refuse to grow up. I may disguise my thoughts in front of people who don’t appreciate that part of me, but that world keeps me grounded.

I am extremely close to my parents and now that only one is left, I’m holding on to that one even tighter. It’s tough to explain the bond and I guess I shouldn’t have to either!

That’s enough about me for now. My posts will tell a lot more about me 🙂


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