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Musings of a Confused Nut!

This is my little corner of the Internet, where I will attempt to share with you, my innermost thoughts and influences from all over the world! It is also where you will see my most authentic and true self.

One of my earliest poems, to this day, captures the essence of most of my writings and I share with you as a starter to getting to know me.  

why is life………
so full of problems and despair ?????
why is life………
so empty, with no one to share ?????

there must be a reason,
as to why it is so,
a reason, very simple,
so as to show,

that after every sunset,
there shall be a sunrise !!
that after all hardships,
there is something nice !!

a man is not made in a day,
he is made bit by bit,
adding all the moments of high
and also those when the ground he hit .

such is life………
so unpredictable !!!
every moment……..
a new gamble !!!

but one must have the patience,
or else, he may not survive……..
this ruthless journey……….called life……….

April 18 2008